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نسخه جدید پلیر قدرتمند ولی ساده WinX DVD Player v3.1.2

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نسخه جدید پلیر قدرتمند ولی ساده WinX DVD Player v3.1.2

WinX DVD Player v3.1.2

WinX DVD Player is a full-featured and easy to use DVD, Video CD, Audio-CD and media file player. The player features volume, play speed and brightness control for movies. You can play more than commercial DVDs: Winx DVD player supports most popular video and audio formatsincluding IFO, DAT,AVI, VOB, WAV, MPEG,WMA;WMV,ASF,RMVB and DivX, and it also provides you more options to specify,such as image ratio, snapshots, audio channel etc. through these setting, you can get fairly different video and audio effect. In new version, we use more powerful technology to ensure that you enjoy the natural and vivid video effect.

WinX DVD PLayer Features:

• Region free/code free/zone free.
• Smart Stretch lets you enjoy any movie with 16:9 aspect ratio on any screen mode, without distortion.
• Support DVD/VCD/SVCD.
• Support MP3/WMA/RMA/Wav format files.
• Support almost all the formats files -AVI/DIVX/WMV/RM/RMVB/XVID/MPEG1/MPEG2/VOB/DAT/ASF etc.
• Support AC-3 surround sound up to 5.1 channel. Stunning video and audio quality.
• Adjustable play speed from 0.1x to 16x playback speed.
• Capture pictures from DVD/VCD/SVCD.
• Play list supported.
• High resolution picture.
• Real region free DVD Player for PC.

Why we choose WinX DVD Player?

• Quick and easy to use.
• Lets you get the most out of any computer with a DVD drive.
• You can watch ALL movies from ALL regions(1 thru 6) without changing the region code.
• You can skip the FBI warnning easily when enable the Operation-free option in WinX DVD Player.
I• t not only lets you play and navigate DVD/VCD/SVCD,it also plays popular file types such as DivX, MPEG, AVI, WMV, VOB, DAT,ASF, MP3, WMA, RMA, and Wav.
• You can capture pictures from DVD/VCD/SVCD.With WinX DVD Player you can get superior Video/Audio quality You can select Multi Language and chapters which you like.
• Auto-detects your PC’s CPU and fully use it to ensure converting with the best speed.WinX Burner Master has been optimized for 64-bit CPU including Intel EM64T and AMD64.

WinX DVD Player is a powerful and splendid region free DVD Player software!Winx dvd player supports all popular video formats including DVD/VCD/SVCD/MP3/WMA/RMA/Wav/AVI/DIVX/WMV/RM/RMVB/XVID/MPEG1/MPEG2/VOB/DAT/ASF etc..
WinX DVD Player will play different region coded movies from anywhere in the world, and will play all zone pal and ntsc dvd discs, even your DVD device did not support the DVD disc region.This means that movies from Region 1 (USA & Canada) WILL NOT play on a DVD player regions 2-6. Effectively Region 1 discs play only on Region 1 DVD players, Region 2 discs play only on Region 2 DVD players and so on.But with the WinXDVD Player you can play any Region discs on any Region DVD read will enjoy countless hours of pleasure and entertainment!

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